Friday, May 11, 2012

Hearty wishes to GP-KP on his birthday....

The earth looks beautiful with bountiful pleasing things for our senses, but the beauty of earth is realised only with the people we come across in our lives. One among them is K. Parthasarathy who has been a great inspiration for me and many of his fans. He has been a reason of smile for many. He is a wonderful person with great vitality and wisdom. Being a consultant by profession, narrator, story/article writer, columnist and freelance writer by passion, he has great feat in many areas. The stories he use to write in his blog are very interesting, sodded with fine imagination, experiences, messages and sometimes a pinch of humor. His other blog Reflections is full of inspiring articles. Some of his columns published online can be found at- google, ivarata etc.. He also has been a Sanskrit scholar and thoroughly a spiritual being to the true sense of the term. A lovingly person who has all the time in his world for others; for his cute family, friends and his internet fans including me. A good person is like the Sun in the sky who has rays for all... Such people are not confined with any concrete or conceptual boundary... They reach all through their goodness, humility and noble thoughts. 

On his birthday today, I wish bliss for him. May you smile always and bless us.


My words of respect for him..

Chandanam shitalam loke chandanaadapi chandramaah
Chandrachandanayormaddhye shitalaa saadhusangatih..

In this world sandalwood is (cold)pleasing and the moon is still more pleasing than sandalwood. But company of good people is the most pleasing thing on earth to compare with sandalwood and moon.


  1. So apt Bijaylaxmi!

    There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Have always treasured the advices, words of comfort & guidance received from KP Uncle. Wishing him all happiness & Health.

  2. Thank you so much Madam for your comment to the post. You are right, I will always treasure his guidance and blessings...:)