Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kailash Tikayatray Sir

If time was a winged chariot to take me to my past I would have lustfully preferred to visit the specific period in my graduation when I used to enjoy the Odia classes delivered by my esteemed teacher Tikayat Sir(formally addressed by us students) at Samanta Chandrasekhar college- Puri. That was a very novel experience for me then to enjoy classes of compulsory Odia which was in curricula along with compulsory English, other courses and my major course Economics. I was among those who were assuming Odia literature to be not fairer than weeds those grow automatically in potted plants without special watering and care and time to time those needed to be uprooted in order to prepare the soil of mind ready for fruity and flowering plants of potentially profitable subjects to grow unobstructed. But Tikayat Sir was the person who changed my perception towards literature and language. 

I was not an exceptionally marked out student so far as performance in studies and extra curricular activities were concerned. Rather I was a 'teacher and exam phobic' shy girl mostly tried my level best to be left unnoticed by the lecturers unless a serious question pertaining to studies overpowered my mind. In that situation desiring to attend all the Odia classes in all my neighboring sections delivered by Tikayat Sir was a pretty bizarre fact. I was so much touched by the charismatic orations of Tikayat Sir from his very first class that my idea about Odia as a secondary subject changed altogether. His special tasteful style of explaining poetry, stories and debates with powerful and genuine words and instances was able to make an awfully packed class to form pin drop silent. His magnanimous personality made me firm in belief that literature as a subject is not taken as a last resort of rescue for those who can't dare to study technical subjects, rather it is the mother of all the fine techniques in world and has been the favorite sport of the sensible and gloriously blessed persons. I started loving Odia my mother tongue by the virtue of disguised affirmations that I learnt from my Tikayat Sir and his breezily blessings that along with me must have touched many of his students in several of his teaching histories. Even today I commemorate how he did explain the poems like "Kanchukira Bhabana" an extract of Parvati Kabya of Kabibara Radhanatha Ray, "Jatra Sangeeta" of Kabi Baikunthanatha Pattanaik, "Jada Darshana" of poet Kalindi Charana Panigrahi that remained imprinted in my mind for times to come. I was touched so much by his wonderful explanations of the poem extracts like-

"Kehirahinaahi rahibe naahin ti bhabaranga bhumi tale
  Sarbe nija nija abhinaya saari baahudibe kaala bale"

"ichhanti daambhike haste rakhibaaku samastanka bhaagya dori
nija bhaagya dori kaala haste bandhaa pakaanti hele paashori" (Kanchukira Bhaabanaa)

"belaara baalukaa sama gyaanarenu jaae kshyane udi
padirahe baaki sabu chirantana jadataa jaabudi|
jete rupa abayaba sabuthaaru dishe hoi bada,
rupaantara gheni kete hoichi se jada khaali jada.."(Jadadarshana)

"chaalare chaala mana nitya madhubana
dekhibu priya raasa adura golakare
adura pathe aaji milana taa'ra saathe
bijaya rathe tora jibana aalokare" (Jaatraa Sangita) 

that those remained stored in a secret chamber of my heart as nutrition for my soul. If Kailash Sir had not explained those possibly I could not have felt the poems so intently. 

For me in a society writers, poets, thinkers, artists, scientists etc are great for their respective fields of contributions but the persons who channel themselves to transfer the essence of their knowledge in a very legible and fine manner in the entire society are greatest. Who else greatest can be other than the teachers making the young minds receptive to knowledge and happiness! They are the living Gods who help exploring the potentials of young minds. What I learnt from my teachers is inexplicable. Today I am not earning or employed anywhere. I am a simple housewife and a mother. But I have learnt the essence of life from the education that I got from my teachers. Kailash Sir is one among them from whom I learnt that through literature(Saahitya) the fragrance of life can be smelt. And I have been eagerly trying to smell that divinely fragrance from the very day Kailash Sir joined our graduation class as Odia teacher. I pray sincerely to God that the life of the maker of many lives be filled with everlasting happiness and peace.


  1. I miss those Odia poetry...I should have kept all my Odia books...:)

  2. Nice to know about an illustrious teacher. So nice of you remembering him and madam.